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The Chameleon's Dish


I, Xin Jin Meng, the Novelty of the Golden Fantastic, write these words. I currently style myself as an anthropomorphic zhao lung, about 5市尺 tall from crown to sole. (That is 160cm for those of you using Système International d'Unité).

My birth was sponsored by the Unfner Mass, my midwives were the Huang Fei, and I was raised by eschatonic bohemians. My most recent stage presence was as the eponymous Hedda Gabler.

I have ended a period of Brobdignagian sybaritism, but my sabbatical continues. While I will entertain propositions from the educated, the erudite, the epicene, and the epicurean, please do not misunderstand my interest as tacit acceptance.

I enjoy Abrikosov vortexes, Uranian poetry, transactinide salts, late 19th-century zarzuela, sixteen-point horns, pyridinium chlorochromate, and long walks on the beach.